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Basketball Set - Mini Poop Swoop Wipes
Our Price: $26.99
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Our Price: $8.99
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Spending time with your bird is fun for the both of you. Teach them to play. This Mini Basketball Set is the newest addition to Mango's Interactive toys! This one is for the shorter player and measures 5" to the hoop. Train your bird with the Mango Clicker Trainer written by renowned bird trainer Linda Morrow. 5" from table to ring.
Our Poop Swoop Wipes was one of Mango's best selling products in 2011! Poop Swoop Wipes have been specifically manufactured to be a bird safe, a quick and easy clean up product. This bird safe product can be used wherever and whenever your bird delivers the need for a messy clean up. Always color test on fabrics. For stubborn stains use Potty Pickup and for disinfecting concerns use Pet Focus Aviary and Cage Disinfectants. Non-toxic and biodegradable. Heavy duty cloth cleans bird cages, perches, stands, toys, rugs, upholstery, walls, nest boxes, bird feeders etc.
Deluxe Foraging Tree Station Stainless Toy Holder
Our Price: $499.99
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Our Price: $9.59
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This Deluxe Foraging Tree Station is one of our exciting and best selling products! It combines the lift-off top of the Traveler, natural sandblasted Manzanita tree with cross branches, pull out ABS plastic tray, metal base and furniture quality wheels! The best comes with 5 feeder stations, plastic crocks and 2 toy holders plus 2 toy hooks. Even an extra foraging spot on the tray! Available in Textured Desert Stone only and toys sold separately. Easy to add playtime to any wooden perch! This is our newest toy holder that can be screwed into wood or any stand.
Power Tower 00 Crock Screw Rings
Our Price: $199.99
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Our Price: $7.49
We are talking Power! This Power Tower has a 2 cup station and foraging tray. Toys sold separately. 24" x 24" Base, Slide out ABS plastic tray, 1 Lift-off Deluxe top with ladder, 2 Cups, 2 Dragonwood perches, 1 Toy holder, Furniture quality wheels. Available in: Gloss Midnight Blue, Textured Desert Stone, Textured Black, Textured White and Textured Green  24" x 24" Base x 45" H add another 12" for the toy holder. Add a convenient feeding station to any wood perch. Easy accessory to any style wood play gym or cage. This screw in holder is made of USA 3/16" wire with a heavy duty wood screw. Powder coated with an inside diameter of 3-3/8" and fits all Mango OO crocks.  Made in the USA by Mango Pet Products, Inc.

Summer Special

Traveler Stand

Our Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $99.00
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This portable and lightweight stand features a lift off top with tray to set on any table, desk or vanity. Available in: Desert Stone, Textured Black, Textured White, Textured Green and our newest color Gloss Midnight Blue

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Pet Focus Aviary and Cage Ready-to-Use Disinfectant Quart
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New Product Additions

Replacement 14" Perch
Our Price: $8.99
Cockatoo Shampoo & Bath Spray Set
Our Price: $14.99
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African Grey Shampoo & Bath Spray Set
Our Price: $14.99
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Parrot Shampoo & Bath Spray Set
Our Price: $14.99
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02 Crocks
Our Price: $11.99
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