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Mango Pet Products, Inc. 16835 Algonquin Street - # 309 - Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: (401) 232-2290
"Home Is Where The Bird Is"

We believe that offering bird companion owners quality products is a privilege that has been given to us. We believe that every beautiful bird that is held in our home is a gift and we believe it our responsibility to give them the best stands, toys, and care products available. We believe this with a passion and if you've ever needed our customer service you know this to be true.

We know that by manufacturing these products directly under our supervision and within our facility that exceptional bird companion products will be sold and appreciated by birds and their owners. We do this in the USA and qualify all materials to their highest bird companion standards.

This is why ALL of our metal products come with a life-time workmanship warranty and a five year warranty on our powder coating.

You can purchase our stands knowing with full confidence your birds will be well cared for and the purchase you've made is well protected.

Kind Regards,

Erik Christopher-President

Mission Statement
Mango Pet Products, Inc.'s goal is to grow as a leading USA manufacturer of avian specialty products for the exotic bird owner. Our emphasis is in delivering a complete line of avian products that are required, useful, playful and fun accessories for the care and well being of companion birds.
The manufacturing and delivery of our products is completed in a work environment where our employees can meet their potentials in a fun atmosphere of excellence. This will be the impetus to manufacture other pet products to grow our company. Our enumeration will always be where function and design meet value and in our relationships where communication and integrity meet.

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