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Question: When I mix the concentrate as directed, the solution isn't purple, it's clear. Why?
Answer: Pet Focus in both the concentrate and Ready-to-Use is naturally clear. We add color to the product. In the concentrate, when diluted, reverts back to its original color state.
Question: The label of Pet Focus says not to use on utensils and your brochure says it's okay to use to soak my syringes, which information is correct?
Answer: Both are correct. Our formula is certified as a no-rinse. This feature is important to you as a bird owner because Pet Focus is non-toxic when air dried. You don't have to rinse. This feature is the premise of the label, therefore, all of our label instructions according to labeling laws must be worded according to those instructions. You can use Pet Focus on syringes, dishes, utensils etc. but they must be rinsed.
Question: Can I use this for my other animal cages such as dogs, cats, hampsters etc.?
Answer: Yes, Pet Focus is safe for all mammals. If you intend it for herpetological purposes, i.e. use with amphibians and reptiles, ask us and we will forward you specific use instructions for this animal.